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Accomplished and result-oriented Project Management Practitioner, I have a proven track record of getting international software development and integration projects execution to completion, relying on distributed teams and international vendors.

Allying passion for programming, creativity, leadership and business acumen, I collaborate with up to C-suite executives as well as technical teams to frame projects, design solutions, and ensure their smooth execution.

Proficient problem-solver, I use my analytical skills to evaluate risks and build pragmatic delivery strategies.

Profit-minded decision-maker, I pay a close attention to take balanced decisions between customer satisfaction and impacts on project's profit by challenging customers business cases.

With a partner mindset, I build and nurture a trustful and sustainable relationship with project team and project stakeholders, communicating openly.

And technical-grounded team leader (up-to 50 people), I'm known for being able to focus on the big picture as well as drilling down to more technical details.

Professional skills

  • Business skills : Proficient knowledge in Telco operators SI
    • eTOM / TAM / SID norms, operators IS overall architecture
    • Relationship between IS components: OSS (Provisioning, services activation, inventory, service assurance), BSS (Billing, CRM, Product catalog, BPM) and Business Intelligence
  • Communication
    • Ability to manage teams, ability to share vision and motivate people
    • Communication and negotiation skills
    • Conflicts management skills
  • People development
    • People recruitment in order to sustain organization’s growth
    • Career management and people development through accurate training
  • Project management
    • Ability to scope projects and to enable their successful launch
    • Ability to manage multi-million Euros budgets
    • Day-to-day monitoring
    • Multi-sites distributed delivery projects management, involving different work cultures (France, India, Morocco…)
    • Sensibility to legal aspects of contract negotiation
  • Technical skills
    • Software packages: Ericsson BSCS (Billing), Kabira KPSA (Service activation), TTI Netrac (Service assurance – network elements and services monitoring)
    • Languages: Java/J2EE (Spring, Struts frameworks), Databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), ETL (Talend), Unix Shell (Linux, HP, Sun Solaris), C
  • Methodology
    • Configuration management (SubVersion)
    • Issues tracking systems (QC Defects)
    • Test management (HP Quality Center) / Testing strategs
    • Continuous integration (Jenkins, Maven, Sonar, JUnit, SureFire, MSBuild…)
    • Agile project management basics (Scrum, XP)
  • Personal abilities
    • Hard working / Stress resilience
    • Ability to adapt to different work cultures and to both new technical and non-technical matters
    • Sense of organization which enables me to prioritize and to perform different kind of tasks
    • Sense of responsibility / Commitment to results
    • Ability to analyze facts in order to construct and share a global vision of a given situation
    • Strong autonomy


  • French: Native language
  • English: Fluent
    • CEFR level: C1 - Effective Operational Proficiency
    • Project management in English
  • German: Basics